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With the consent of the student,we show part of  real duolingo score reports.  To protect privacy, we  will not update latest cases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why trust you? headquarters in China, our Chinese website is https// Since the online Duolingo test launched, we started to  help much students crack the test,so far,with the help of our proxy test service, hundreds of students has get satified scores. We are experienced, safe operation, adhere to the credit, is your most trustworthy partner.

What method will be used to cheat on Duolingo?

we provide so many methods for you to ACE the goal,such as software method,physical method and other mainstream methods.Note that no matter what method you pick,we promise it is 100% safe!

How can you replace me to attend the Duolingo test?

We do have special methods that can completely replace the student to take the test. Students do not need to take the examination, nor need to sit in front of the computer. They only need to wait for the score’s out, and leave any other works to us to deal with.

Should I pay the deposit?

50% deposit is required before the test. Once the order is confirmed, we will pay much effort on preparing for the, in order to prevent candidates from escaping, the deposit is necessary. At the same time, due to Duolingo’s scoring mechanism, one shot may not enough, but we promise to charge only one time, until the official score’s out.

How much does it cost to take Duolingo test for me?

Please free to add our Telegram for further inquiries.  Generally, It depends on what grade you’re trying to get and how urgent your exam schedule is.

How do you do if  failed ?

Retake the test for free until you get the score report. There will be no second exam fee.

What is the process  ?

  • Go to the official website to register for the exam: One person can only bind to one mailbox, which cannot be repeated.
  • Payment of exam fee: You can use WeChat, Alipay, credit card, USDT and other payment methods. Real-time exchange rate transfer is adopted between different currencies.
  • Negotiate with the us to confirm the test time. Please pay attention to the time difference. Our working hours are in Asian time zone.
  • Get a MAC and install the Duolingo English Test desktop app; Check whether the equipment environment meets the requirements in advance, and set up and debug
  • Gather online in One hour before the examination, the examination time to check-in, start the test.
  • Wait for the score’s out. The score will be released in 48 hours. Duolingo officials support free unlimited delivery to institutions in need.🎉🎉🎉

Is Duolingo test well accepted?

It depends on whether the institution you’re applying to accepts Duolingo’s results. More than 10,000 institutions in more than 140 countries accept Duolingo scores as a substitute for IELTS and TOEFL.

How long does it take to complete the Duolingo?

The Duolingo test is very efficient and only takes about an hour to complete. 

When Should I make the test appointment?

No need make appointment earlier,Register at any time, test at any time,its ok.

When will Duolingo score come out?

48 hours after the test.

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