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Updated by Master,12/11/2022

If you need excellent GRE score to apply for the peak universities, but have no time to prepare for it, hiring a superb test taker would be the best choice. With rich experience, leading strength, integrity, and responsibility, we can crack the GRE for you and take down perfect scores!

Currently, the ETS uses a dual invigilation model of artificial intelligence monitoring and online human proctor. Even so, there still leave blind spots for us to make incredible things. We can provide software, hardware and many other methods to successfully bypass the monitoring, without leaving a trace. Our strategies are the best in peers. And, through pre-test training and tacit understanding, the examination will undoubtedly run in authentic and natural.

Notice that if you plan to hire takers to replace you to complete the GRE test, that will cause HOLD with a large probability. That means if you just sit in front of the computer and do nothing, you will not get the score.🫠

With the help of the proxy test service, you can 100% get a total score of 330 or even 340 in the quantitative & speaking sections. We often need to answer wrong questions deliberately to control the score. Note that not the higher the score, the better: full marks may bring extra trouble to the students. For example, some universities require students with high scores to take entrance exams to verify the students’ actual abilities.

In the analytical writing section, you can get a high score of around 5.0 by customizing answers 1-on-1. We guarantee that your essays are irreplaceable and unique without any plagiarism. If you’d like to know more real successful cases from us, feel free to ask our customer service. To protect personal privacy, we would update only a few accurate score reports.

GRE scores available


With the student’s consent, we show part of the results report, which is the result of our effort. In addition, to better protect students’ privacy, we will not update too many latest real cases. And, if you need to reprint or copy our contents, please get our consent in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you?

We are one of the earliest institutions to support proxy GRE test services, so we always master the best strategies to take the GRE for you.

The official has continuously upgraded the monitoring measures, and we have also continuously upgraded our operation in cheating on GRE. Besides being risk-free, we adhere to the “low price and good quality” and “credibility”; until now, we have helped hundreds of candidates to get the ideal score.

Earlier, because our website ranked too high and was too “well-known,” it was taken down by the official complaint (below), but we have been fighting all the time and grew up into a more strong team that has gathered hundreds of experienced experts. Whatever scores you need, we can easily ACE it!

was notified to transfer the domain name by the service provider

At present, all sorts of representative examination organizations are VERY INUNDATED, partially old BRAND organization Wanton offer price, the partisan organization is PURE IS to cheat money under all kinds of guise, THESE BEHAVIOR are not advisable. At ACEXAM.ORG, always take the more reasonable path:

  • Zero risk of operation: We are battle-hardened and use the most advanced technology to prevent suspecting cheating from the ETS.
  • Great price: 20%-50% cheaper than peers, no sweet trap. We seek truth from facts and bring “value for money” to students.
  • Honesty and credibility: any pre-sale and after-sales promises will be fulfilled.

Welcome to hire us to crack your GRE!

Can you control the score?

Of course. According to the actual demands, we can steadily get any score you want. Because Cheating has become increasingly popular, the average score has gone up broadly; that means 330+ is a lot and regular, but it doesn’t mean higher scores are better. It is important to note that some schools require a pre-admission test for students from 335-340 to verify their true strength.

Do you know if essays can be customized?

Yes. Every answer we write is original, with no plagiarism; the highest can reach about 5.0. Because high scores require more effort, a reasonable additional fee is required. 

Is the proxy GRE at Home test safe?

Our method is reliable and risk-free.

What is the principle about cheating on the GRE home test?

In short, there is a blind spot in exam monitoring. Before the absolute strict invigilation measures appear, we should seize the opportunity to complete the exam.

How to cheat on GRE at-home tests?

At present, the mainstream examination methods are online remote software methods, physical methods, and surveillance camera methods, etc. Please have a look at our customer service for details.

What is the process?

  1. Go to to register a personal account. Enter your name, birth date, and other personal information, and ensure they are 100% accurate.
  2. Make an appointment with us in advance, then select the time and confirm the time with us again before paying it. We are working in China Time; please pay attention to the time gap.
  3. Check whether the computer equipment meets the requirements (, and ensure that the camera and microphone can be used commonly; Check whether the test environment is clean without any other items are no business with the test. Ensure the monitoring area is free of debris, no one enters or exits during the test, and the surrounding is quiet
  4. Download the ETS browser and ProctorU in advance
  5. Pre-test training: Get familiar with the process in advance, and take about 1-hour training before the test.
  6. Get ready an hour before the test
  7. After the test is completed, it will take 9-15 days to get the result🎉

Is the score Hold or Cancel due to cheating?

Not really. ETS will notifcanceled the email if a score is cancelled or on hold. If you are still waiting to receive an email, you can actively contact customer service or call for inquiries. In short, whether it is self-examination or cheating, no matter whether scores are delayed or canceled, there must be specific reasons, according to the official mail shall prevail, do not guess.

Can you fully replace me to take the GRE?

Can’t. After the official invigilation measures are upgraded, any entire replacement operation has been eliminated.

Need to pay the deposit?

Needs.50% deposit is required before the test. Once the order is confirmed, we will pay much effort into preparing for the test. So, to prevent candidates from escaping, a deposit is necessary.

If you trust us, you can accept to pay the deposit. If not, why ask us for help? We definitely hope to win more trust with credit. So please do not worry about payment.

How much will it cost to take my GRE exam for me?

It depends on what grade you’re trying to get and how urgent your test is. How much does it cost to hire a test taker here? The reference price is in the low thousands of dollars. For details, please feel free to reach out to customer service.

Beware of some institutions abusing so-called “advanced technology” to charge high prices to you guys. Now the market price already becomes flat. 

Which is safer, the software method or the physical method?

Our online remote software method and physical method are 100% reliable. Online remote technology was developed in secret and cannot be downloaded or installed. When we use it in the test, there is no running trace recorded in the back end. Moreover, it does not occupy any progress on the computer manager. In contrast, If you use commercial software such as Teamviewer, you will have trouble.

Most students choose the online remote software method because this way is the most simple and efficient. Of course, if you want to adopt a purely physical method, we will also teach you how to act after you confirm the order until you understand. If you’re going to steal our methods, please don’t do it in vain.

How to prepare for the test?

Since the specific preparations are relatively private, you can contact our customer service through telegram for details.

Why my GRE essays were considered plagiarism?

Why? It’s very simple: if you take the test yourself, you must copy the existing answers, or maybe you used the essay template. If you hire someone to take the exam for you,  the test taker must use the same essay for different students, plagiarizing essays word by word. If the analytical writing answer is repeated, it will result in ‘Scores Not Available.

Can the GRE score be accurately controlled? 

Yes. According to the actual requirements, the total score, Verbal, Quantitative and other parts of the score can be controlled, such as 170 at Quantity or Verbal.

How many the scores usually gap between two exams?

At the beginning of the GRE home test, the score gap can be calculated according to the interval length; since the ETS evaluation mechanism is constantly changing, the score gap is no longer the only judgment index but an unknown complex system. Registering a new account is the best way to get a high score.

How to re-register an account?

If your scores are still not available after waiting 15-30 days, you must consider retaking the test; then, you should register a new account. How to do that? Very simple. Keep your name and date of birth the same, and change your phone, email, address, ZIP code, etc. If the registration is unsuccessful, please carefully check item by item to exclude duplicate information.

Why the GRE score status on Hold or Not Available?

In some cases, such as the proctor restarts the computer and asks to check the environment halfway, the computer is suddenly dropped, and the delay of check-in within one hour will not cause the above problems. Generally, the following are the leading causes of score problems:

  1. Nervous performance during the exam

Such as eyes wandering, flurried eyes, or even leaving the seat to go to the toilet without permission

  1. The poor network condition leads to multiple disconnections 

Frequent Internet disconnection can lead to long invalid proctor time. And it is easy to cause the proctor to lose patience, especially when you encounter a low-manner proctor, they will simply finish the test, and then you have to wait 21 days to retake the test. Therefore, we strongly recommend that candidates access the network line. WIFI is also prone to network fluctuations. The download speed must be at least 50MB /s.

  1. Forget to close irrelevant programs or uninstall the Virtual Machine

The GRE requires the test taker to close any unrelated programs. The test will be suspended or terminated if any online remote assistance software is found, so we use the absolute hiding technology that does not occupy the back end and does not have any trace. Note that confusing the proctor by changing the name of the software can also be caught. In addition, the CS students permanently installed virtual machines and remember to uninstall or change a device to take the test.

       4. AWA essays are highly repetitive

If the scoring system finds that the AWA of two candidates is highly similar or even wholly repeated, you both will be disqualified. We know that ETS also develops a plagiarism check system, which is sensitive to the rate of repetition of essays.

  1. Answering questions too fast like a robot

 Choosing the answer in seconds would be considered abnormal performance.

  1. The examinee’s performance in each session is inconsistent

For example, if AWA essays were well written but Verbal performance is mediocre, it is easy to be considered inconsistent performance and hold or cancel the grades.

What’s your working time?

Our working hours are from 8 am to 12 PM Beijing time. Please remember to confirm the specific time of the examination with us in advance.

How long can I get the official score report?

8-9 days after completing the GRE test,include the testing day.

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