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Our proxy IELTS indicator Service uses online remote software method, physical method or other safe methods to assist you to crack the IELTS, you can 100% get your score without any risks. Plus, we can fully replace you to take the IELTS which adapt to students who are not good at speaking.

IELTS speaking and written parts must be registered together. You will receive an email including your login information 2 days before the test. Speaking is usually arranged before listening, reading and writing, and possibly after. It does not allow us suspend during the test,we have to take the whole exam down  at one time. The speaking is conducted by the proctor and student, which lasts about 11-14 minutes. Visit the IELTS indicator website:,to get more informations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fully replace me to take the IELTS indicator?

Yes. Using special methods, you can get 100% high scores in reading, listening, speaking and writing with 100% safety. Of course, fthis method is only adapt to the IELTS indicator rather than the ffline IELTS test.

How will you do  if take the IELTS test for me?

Add our Telegram (@acemaster7) to inquire more details,once your order confirmed, we will introduce the  this method fully.

What are the components of the IELTS test?

IELTS consists of four parts: Listening part has 40 questions to be done in 30 minutes;Reading part has 60 questions to be done in 60 minutes; and,Writing part has two essays to be done in 60 minutes; Speak part has 11-14 minutes to performance.

How much does it cost to cheat on the IELTS?

It depends on what grade you’re trying to get and how urgent your test is. Please contact us to get the price offer.

Beware of some proxy test takers abuse  so-called  “high technology” to charge   expensive price with you. Now the market  price hs already flat,you can try to  shop around to get more comfortable price.

How do I prepare for IELTS?

  • A quiet, comfortable and clean examination environment without items which is no business with test
  • A laptop or desktop computer, it is best to Windows 10/11 systems, computer configuration minimum requirements:
  • Install Inspera Exam Portal (IEP)
  • Ensure camera, normal radio microphone, video call software are available for testing.
  • Download ZOOM in advance
  • ID issued by Goverment

When can I make an appointment ?

Go to the IELTS official website:, pick the country or region, to get specific test schedule. There has relatively less available test times, so pay attention to scedule your test asap.

How long will IELTS indicator score being valid?

IELTS results are valid for 2 years.

Can I apply for a paper IELTS score report?

No. The IELTS official only provides electronic report (PDF).

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