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After the ETS introduced the GRE home test, many colleges and institutions have widely accepted the IBT scores. Many examinees are busy with work, graduation defense, or other things, and do not have the energy to review the exam or carefully review the exam but can not get satisfactory results for a long time, which makes them have to find other ways to take the GRE down in short time. Hiring test takers to take the GRE for you instead of the other way around can be a great way to get an edge on your application. So many students purchase the proxy test service that the average test score has soared, often surpassing the scores many diligent students earned over a year.

The advantage of the GRE agent test

Due to a lack of understanding of the GRE helper service, many students are very hesitant to choose the proxy test service; in fact, the GRE helping service has many advantages.

First, high efficiency.

If you choose the GRE, you can receive your official score report in about ten days, including the day of the test. For those students who are approaching the end of the application window, there is no doubt that such an efficient method is very needed. Students who are not pressed for time can also save a lot of time in preparing other materials for the application, such as letters of recommendation, personal history, and honors profiles. That said, if your school requires a GRE test score as an application metric, though it’s essential, it’s not worth devoting a lot of time to. Many schools value academic contributions like published academic papers more.

Second, the cost is low.

The proxy GRE test service is very cost-effective; you need to pay a meager price. The cost mentioned here includes two aspects, the cost of money and the cost of risk. As for the money cost, the GRE agent guarantee costs only a few thousand dollars compared with many so-called one-to-one training courses often charge tens of thousands of US dollars; the score guarantee fee is much cheaper, and will not bring a heavy financial burden to the examinee. As for the risk cost, as a professional GRE test assistance agent, the technology and methods we use are safe and risk-free, so we will not be caught cheating during and at any time after the exam. We use the maximum investment to develop the latest and safest strategy so that students do not have to worry.

Third, absolute privacy.

We will not ask you for personal information and do not encourage anybody to share personal information and results with anyone, including very close people. Fourth, the score can be customized. No matter how many scores you need, Quantitative 130-170, Verbal 130-170, and essay writing 5.0, we can accurately control. All answers are also given on the spot to ensure absolute originality and zero plagiarism so that the answer truly belongs to you.

The method and principle of cheating on the GRE

There are many ways to cheat on GRE. Although we cannot list them in detail, we can focus on the main methods from the principle. As the most professional agent insurance branch, we know any operation in the market. To successfully crack the GRE, the two core links are to get the question quickly and efficiently deliver the answer. Currently, there are mainly the following ways to meet these two requirements.

What is the principle of the GRE proxy test?

The invigilator has a blind spot. As we know, GRE test invigilation adopts the dual mode of manual online invigilation and AI artificial intelligence monitoring system real-time invigilation. The artificial intelligence system is not perfect, which cannot exclude all cheating operations. The effectiveness of manual invigilation is also limited, so there are many loopholes in the whole invigilation system, which is the perfect opportunity for every examinee to grasp.

After explaining the principle, I will talk about the mainstream method adopted by the proxy test. There are three main methods on the market at present:

Online remote assistance technology.

Using reliable online remote assistance technology, we can view test questions on your computer in real-time without leaving any data traces or taking up space in the background process manager. Note that the technology here is not a plug-in or software like Blue Pigeon, Autodesk, Teamviewer, etc., but a secret weapon we developed in shadow. The advantage of this method is that the students can quickly complete the exam by preparing as if they were taking it themselves.

Students are taking pictures from the computer.

This method requires you to have good psychological quality, be able to operate calmly in front of the invigilator camera, and ensure that the specific content of the question can be seen in the photo. This is not recommended for those less daring students.

Use surveillance cameras.

The method requires students to purchase professional-grade optical cameras that can take clear, real-time images of what is on a computer screen at great distances. The disadvantage is that the preparation work is complex, the cost of purchasing equipment is high, the coordination link is too much, and operation error is easy to occur, resulting in a relatively low success rate.

Go to our offline test room to complete the GRE.

Some sub-agencies have opened unique exam rooms in major cities. How do they do it? The operation principle is precisely the same as the above three methods. Do not feel that the offline exam room is high-end; essentially is the use of monitoring blind spots.

Of course, there are many methods to deliver answers, but there must be safety first, with efficiency priority as the principle.

Proxy GRE test service  applicable to universities

In North America, most colleges and universities accept the GRE home test. Among them are American institutions, including but not limited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Cornell University, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, University of California at Berkeley, Northwestern University, New York University, Duke University, Brown University, the University of Texas at Austin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Rice University, Georgia Institute of Technology, etc.

Universities and institutions in Canada include but are not limited to the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Montreal, University of Alberta, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, University of Ottawa, University of Western, University of Victoria, University of Quebec, Queen’s University of Kingston, etc.

We possess the Top team to crack the GRE test at home.

The GRE test bank is updated daily, automatically shuffled, and combined into different test papers. Dozens of test papers are released every day. Such a flexible way of setting questions makes many students very headache, but it is a piece of cake for us. We currently have hundreds of top GRE teachers, mainly from China. They have a master’s degree or above. Of course, many teachers have just graduated or are about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and have achieved top grades by themselves. All the teachers have experienced many battles and have a profound grasp of the proposition logic of the GRE test, are familiar with the testing rhythm and answer rules, and have good adaptability and strong mentality. Therefore, when they meet new questions, they like meeting old friends and can solve any problems. With our professional help, we can help you secure the ideal score!

What’s the process if you take the GRE exam for me?

Step 1: Add customer service and select GRE service.

Step 2: Negotiate the test time with the helping teacher

Step 3: The student chooses the test seat and pays the fee according to the agreed time. Finally, please send us the screenshot of the exam schedule for confirmation.

Step 4: Check your work before the test. Including checking whether the computer system and hardware meet the examination requirements, Buying whiteboards in advance, and downloading ProctorU and the ETS security browser for the test.

Step 5: Pre-test training. You should know the test process in advance, memorize some essential steps and repeat them.

Step 6: Gather an hour before the test to ensure the test equipment is working correctly and that no extra programs have been opened. When it’s time for the exam, check-in. After about 5 hours to complete the exam, waiting for the result! And remember to put down a deposit.

Step 7: Get the result and pay the balance.


In short, choose our GRE service to ensure 100% original customization, 100% strategy security, and 100% professionalism and reliability; our service has absolute advantages in the industry. We know the principle and operation of proxy tests and have top teachers. Let us help you take the GRE test and help you get the best scores.