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The full name of PTE is Pearson Test of English Academic, abbreviated as PTE Academic, it is a new generation of international English proficiency tests jointly developed by Pearson, the parent company of the Financial Times, and GMAT's developer, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It was launched in 2009.
The PTE Academic English Test, based on the GSE Global English Proficiency Test Standards, is automatically scored by an artificial intelligence system to give test takers a score (10-90). Results are valid for two years.
The surrogate methods are divided into online remote assistance method, physical method and complete replacement method, which can flexibly meet the various needs of examinees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to cheat on the PTE?

Few thousands USD. It depends on what grade you’re trying to get and how urgent your test is

Should I pay a deposit?

Yes.Once the order is confirmed, we will pay much effort on preparing for the test. so, in order to prevent candidates from escaping, the deposit is necessary.

If you trust us, of course you can accept to pay the deposite. If not, why ask us for help? we must hope to win more trust with please do not worry about payment.

How can I get the voucher to discount?

GO to :

,then purchae your voucher,this will save your moneys when make an apoointment.

If you take the PTE test for me,how does the method work?

It’s unpublic, if you really wonder how our methods works, once you deal with us, we’ll tell you details.

How long is the PTE score valid?

Two years.

What are the components of the PTE?

It includes Introduction, Speaking and Writing, Reading, an Optional Scheduled Break, Listening.

When can I make an appointment of PTE?

You can register for the test 24 hours in advance.

Can PTE be well-accepted?

Yes. PTE is accepted by all universities in Australia, New Zealand and some British and American universities.

Of course, it depends on whether your target school accepts or not.

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