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If you desire to obtain excellent TOEFL scores, but have no time to prepare for it,it’s best to choose our proxy TOEFL iBT test service.With rich experience, leading strength, integrity and responsibility, we can crack the TOEFL exam for you and get perfect scores.So honor to be your most trustworthy partner!

The highest score we can help you take down is 110+🎉 : Reading, Listening and Speaking (85+); Writing (25+).  The Speaking and Writing answers will be customized 1 on 1, and we promise they will be zero plagiarism.

The method we use to cheat on TOEFL includes:  software method ,physical method and  completely replace you to take the TOEFL.🐯 First-in-class technology makes it easy to bypass monitoring and leave no trace,So you no need to worry about being reviewed. Through meticulous pre-test training, and tacit cooperation, we will make the test running, real and natural.

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TOEFL Scores Available

With the consent of the student,we show part of  results report which are the result of our effort. In addition, to maximize privacy, we  update only a few reports from time to time. If you need to reprint, please obtain our consent in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I trust you?

We are one of the earliest team to support proxy TOEFL test services,so we always master the best strategies to take the TOEFL for you.

The official has continuously upgraded the monitoring measures, and we have also continuously upgraded our operation in cheating on TOEFL. Besides risk free, we adhere to the “low price and good quality” and “credibility”, until now, we have helped hundreds of candidates to get the ideal score.

Earlier, because our website ranked too high and was too “well-known”, it was taken down by the official complaint (below), but we have been fighting all the time, and grows up into an more strong team which have gathered hundreds of experienced experts .Whatever scores you need,we can eaily to ACE it!

At present, all sorts of representative examination organization are VERY INUNDATED, partial old BRAND organization Wanton offer price, partial organization is PURE IS to cheat money under all sorts of guise, THESE BEHAVIOR are not advisable. At ACEXAM.ORG, always take the more reasonable path:

  • Zero risk of operation: We are battle-hardened and  using the most advanced technology,to prevent suspecting as cheating from the ETS.
  • Great price: 20%-50% cheaper than peers, no sweet trap. We seek truth from facts and bring “value for money” to students.
  • Honesty and credibility: any pre-sale and after-sales promises will be fulfilled.

Welcome to hire us to crack the TOEFL exam!

Is it safe to cheat on the TOEFL iBT?

Of course it is. It’s easy to get the scores you want, with no test risks or worries, as long as you do it properly.

Can you 100% achieved my goal?

Yes. All our test takers are experienced and able to achieve various scores flexibly. Just tell us your goal, we’ll take it down with one shot.

How much does it cost to take the TOEFLfor me?

Thousands of dollars. Contacting customer service for specific prices. It depends on what grade you’re trying to get and how urgent your test is.

Beware of some institutions abuse so-called “advanced technology”, to charge expensive price with you guys. Now the market price already becomes flat. 

What method  can I choose to cheat on TOEFL?

The mainstream methods include physical methods and online remote software methods. How to do that? Please contact customer service.

Amazingly, we can fully replace you to take the TOEFL iBT,that means you no need take the exam. This method only adapt to students who are really bad in Speaking.

How the ‘full replacement’ method works?

Well, it’s a secret. If you are curious, please add our Telegram to ask our customer service, Once you confirm your order, we will explain and teach you in detail.

Do I need to pay the deposit?

Needs. If you trust us, you should pay a deposit,because once you confirm the order, we have to pay much efforts to prepare for it. If not, Why choose to work with us? Sincerely, we hope to win the trust of more candidates with credit. we help cheat on exams, but will never cheat you.

Can you refund if the score is on Hold?

The most important thing is that if we complete the test smoothly,there must has no operational defects,that presents our service is fine without any problems.

And,once the order was completed, the service will incur a lot of costs, we need to invest a lot of manpower, so after the test has been down , its hard for us to refund, But we must provide  test again for free. Thanks for understanding!

How long can I get the official scores report?

About 6 days after completing the test ,including the test day. If scores status always shows blank, that means Hold.

Is there any pre-test training?

Yes. Students will be trained before the exam.

What is the process?

  • Register the TOEFL account on Note that there is a $40usd late fee if you want to take the test within 7 days.
  • Negotiate with us to ensure the test time, , then pay the test fee. Be aware that there may be a time gap between your zone and our zone (China Time).
  • Test the equipment and hardware in advance: Go to to make sure the camera and microphone are functioning properly for the test.
  • Pre-test training and Q&A, it takes about 1 hour.
  • All parties meet one hour before the test and check in as soon as the test time arrived
  • Am working hard on the exam.
  • Wait for the score✨✨

How to do with TOEFL Speaking?

We will send you original Speaking answers via special ways.and,if you wanna get better Speaking scores,you can go to the TPO:,to master the toefl questioning style in advance,plus watch newly Youtube tutorial videos about highering  Speaking level.

Why my TOEFL is on Hold or Cancelled?

  • Flawed operation: you used public commercial software such as Teamviewer, Sunflower, etc.
  • Performance nervously: indiscriminate see at-a-glance, hurry-scurry, even too nervous to leave seat without permission
  • Repeated answers: some students copy and paste the same answers and caught by ETS, even bring Hold to other guys who tested at the same time.
  • Answered too fast: second to choose answers, like a robot.
  • Performance on each part of the test varied widely: such as the speaking scores were low, but other parts were high.

Can you not post my score report?

Yes. Currently examination environment is more strict , it is necessary to protect privacy.

whats’s your working time zone?

China Time.

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